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If you're new to hemp & CBD you are undoubtedly confused & positively mind boggled at all the information getting thrown at you, from all angles all across social media & the internet.

We feel your pain, CBD/Hemp/Cannabis is confusing at the best of times. The subject of cannabis/hemp is even more confusing when almost everybody is throwing different information at you. Bombarding you with "this cbd is best" " that CBD is best" "you need x or x" "X brand is the best". Most often than not, there is no real reason, no proof, no science & no research stated..

You're completely lost, you can't ascertain what's true, what's hype and what's complete misinformation or lies.
You just WANT and NEED, HELP!

95% of the time these statements have one common goal. To sell you something!

Most of this CBD "miss" information is either hyperbole, misconstrued, agenda led & has no credible information to back it up. It's often propagated from one social-media account to the next, parroted without research, twisted and warped from it's original source. 

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