CBD Gummies Dosage Guide

CBD Gummies, CBD Edibles, CBG Gummies alike are one of the easiest ways to get your daily dose of CBD and other cannabinoids. Not only do they offer a simple, effective way to get the right amount of CBD, but they can also taste amazing. These deliciously little CBD edibles are split into small serving sizes of 10-25mg of CBD, making it an effective and easy way to get the correct amount you need for whatever ailment you're trying to improve. CBD dosages can get confusing for many of us. Different health issues require additional doses of CBD. The best CBD dosage for you can depend on your body size, metabolism, diet, ingestion method, and the severity of your symptoms. With that said, there's good news, you can't essentially overdose or get ill from too much CBD, unless you're consuming vast amounts daily, according to a recent FDA-funded study of CBD safety. Moreover, you'll still want to make sure you're simply not wasting any. This brings us to the next question, how many CBD Gummies can you take? The truthful answer is, this depends entirely on what you're taking them for. For instance, those of you who are taking gummies for general health benefits will likely need less than those treating chronic Pain. Currently, there's not a lot of research into doses, so it's challenging to know the best CBD dosages. However, here's a CBD Gummies dosage guide to help.

What Are CBD Gummies?

Those new to CBD, it helps to understand what exactly CBD Gummies are and what they can do for you. CBD products come in a vast variety of product types, from Oil drops to topical CBD cream products. In addition, gummies are a form of CBD edible. CBD Gummies look and taste like many of your favorite sweet treats. You can purchase them as sweet fruit-gums, gummy worms, sour rings, gummy bears, or even eye-watering sour gummies. These make for a fun (not always healthy) and easy way to get all the effects of CBD. While health professionals might recommend you go easy on the sweets, the best CBD gummies are made with natural sugars, natural flavors & fruits and are packed with beneficial, healthy compounds. CBD has been shown to potentially help relieve Pain, reduce anxiety and stress, and aid the prevention of a range of common illnesses. Studies into CBD/Cannabis have shown these compounds are antibacterial, antioxidant, antipsychotic, and even possibly anti-cancer properties. CBD Gummies can be a fantastic health product to add to your daily supplement regimen for people who want its impressive medical benefits.

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Where Can You Buy CBD Gummies?

Everywhere! It's now easier than ever before to get your hands on safe and legal CBD Gummies. Although cannabis is still banned in many parts of the states, hemp-derived CBD products are federally legal across the country. Your safest option would be to purchase from reputable, verifiable brands selling CBD Gummies online. Where you can check they have lab tests corresponding to each batch. One of our favorite brands, Absolute Nature CBD, offers a range of CBG & CBD Gummies made from all-natural ingredients, containing enough CBD or CBG actually to be effective. Their products are all made with 2018 farm bill compliant; organic hemp-derived CBD Oil. High-quality certified safe edibles! So you can be confident you're buying legal CBD products, order them for home delivery and use them anywhere in the US.

Why Use CBD Gummies?

There are plenty of tasty options on sale when it comes to choosing CBD. For instance, the most popular among users enjoying the simplicity of CBD Tinctures, while others may prefer the experience of vaping CBD. However, CBD Gummies have a multitude of health benefits, which make them a preferred product for many. Of course, it's clear one of the main reasons to take CBD Gummies instead of oils is that they taste great. CBD Users often enjoy these as a snack for receiving the wide-ranging benefits of CBG and CBD. But, let's be honest, who doesn't want to enjoy their favorite candy flavors and still improve their health while eating them? CBD Gummies are also very beneficial for controlling your CBD intake. Typically split into small serving sizes of around 10-25mg of CBD. So, for instance, those of us whom require 100mg or more daily dose could consume 10 a day to ensure they get what they need. In addition, you can buy Hemp gummies in various size jars and quantities, so no matter how much CBD you need, these tasty treats make it easy to consume your daily dosage. They also make using CBD simple. So while not everyone is used to vaping or sublingually taking the oil, everyone can enjoy eating gummy sweets without any hassle.

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Take?

The number of CBD Gummies you could consume depends on a variety of factors. Recommended CBD dosage (based on studies) varies depending on what you're intending to use it for. For instance, those who are looking for general health benefits might only want a 10-25mg daily dose. On the other hand, those who need to treat severe issues like seizures or epilepsy may need upwards of 600mg of CBD. Of Course, the severity of your symptoms can also make a difference. For example, those who want to relieve severe anxiety symptoms might want to take a high dosage to ease your problem quickly. Moreover, those with mild symptoms may benefit more from a smaller day-by-day dosage, which will affect time. Your body weight can also make a difference. Smaller and lighter users often need less CBD than larger, heavier users. With CBD Gummies, like all CBD products you ingest, your metabolism (First pass metabolism) will also make a difference. Those of us with fast metabolisms will digest and get the effects of CBD faster, but for shorter periods of time. Starting out Taking 10-25mg of CBD a day seems to be a popular starting point. These lower dosages can help you get the general health effects of CBD, such as less stress and possible prevention of illness. However, those who need to treat specific chronic symptoms or conditions will undoubtedly have different recommended personalized dosages.

CBD Gummies Dosage for Pain

Chronic Pain is likely one of the most common symptoms people are trying to treat with CBD. Some studies show that CBD can help with severe chronic pain and general aches & strains, aches, and physical discomfort. The reason being is because cannabinoids bind to cannabinoid receptors (CB1, CB2)in the body and brain (Our endocannabinoid system (ECS)) to reduce inflammation, speed up the healing process, and even lessen pain sensation. Studies from Israel suggest that taking 15-25mg of CBD daily is helpful for mild Pain. For example, a 900mg jar of CBD Gummies could last you over a month if you only need a small amount each day. Splitting your dose into servings of either 10mg, 14mg, or 25mg, so no matter how much you need, you can quickly get the correct dosage. The 'best' dosage for you will absolutely depend on your symptoms & severity of symptoms. For example, those with severe pain may benefit from even higher dosages. However, CBD is typically safe to use, so if you aren't receiving pain relief from a smaller dosage, you can take an extra gummy to see if the extra helps.

CBD Gummies Dosage for Anxiety?

Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Stress related anxiety, is another common issue that people generally use CBD to deal with. Numerous published studies are showing that CBD can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and help with multiple disorders. For example, it's effective for treating generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and other forms of anxiety. Recent studies suggest higher dosages of CBD is best for decreasing anxiety symptoms. For example, one study found that a single dose of 600mg of CBD helped reduce social anxiety. At the same time, similar studies reported that anywhere from 100mg-600mg of CBD could reduce stress. However, many users say that just 10mg to 30mg per dose is enough. Again, this can depend on the nature, type, and severity of your symptoms. However, many studies state that higher dosages work best for pain patients.

CBD Gummies Dosage for Sleep

CBD also benefits good sleep. In higher dosages, using full-spectrum CBD has sedative effects, which can help users with insomnia. However, it can still affect lower dosages, such as reduced dream recall and increased alertness in the morning. In addition, research shows that CBD helps with REM sleep behavior disorder and daytime fatigue. As for the correct dosage, one study tested doses of 40, 80, and 160mg of CBD. It found that 160mg doses of CBD were ideal for treating insomnia and helping patients sleep deeper and longer. However, 40mg and 80mg still had effects, such as reducing dream recall to help recurring nightmares. Suggesting that higher dosages around160mg may help those with chronic insomnia treat symptoms more efficiently. However, taking smaller dosages two to three times per day can also help over time. Since CBD Gummies come in various MG dose servings, it's easy to control how much you are ingesting. You can even experiment with both gummies and oils and see what works for you.

CBD Gummies for Depression Doses.

CBD can also help users combat certain types of depression. Hemp-derived CBD has a range of positive effects on your mental health, including reducing the symptoms of depression. Additionally, it can help with related issues, such as anxiety and chronic stress. A clinical study in 2018 found that a single dosage of 7-30mg of CBD per kg of bodyweight rapidly reduced symptoms of depression. Similar to anxiety, a high dose may be ideal for tackling symptoms instantly. For example, a single 400-600mg dose of CBD may be enough to treat symptoms of depression immediately. Users can also consume a smaller amount over time for sustained effects.

What If Your CBD Dosage Doesn't Work?

While scientific studies shine some light on CBD dosages that may work, doses can still vary. Many users often only need a small to moderate amount of CBD, while others find higher doses are more effective. Of course, you can always increase your intact slowly until you feel the results you're looking for. CBD Gummies allow you to easily increase your dosage by a small measured amount each dose. However, since gummies typically come with around 10-25mg of CBD per gummy, it's generally better to take one multiple times per day to see if it works better for you. In addition to some of the problems listed above, CBD has shown potential help with schizophrenia, neurological disorders, addiction, skin problems, and more. However, more rigorous research is required to verify this fully.

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However, don't worry about taking too much CBD. Research regularly shows that it's a safe treatment with no harmful long-term effects. What's more, you can't overdose on CBD or get addicted. This makes it a safe and effective alternative to other treatments that may cause adverse side effects or dependence.

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CBD Gummies make for a convenient, fun, and easy way to get the CBD you need. All you need to do is enjoy your tasty CBD treats to get the beneficial medical effects. What's more, they're made into easy-to-consume serving sizes to get the ideal dosage. The effective dosage you need will depend on many factors, although research now tells us which dosages are likely to work. More often than not, experimenting with doses and products is expected- if you find your dosage isn't working, increase slowly throughout the day. It's worth noting that, in some cases, users may need to use CBD over a few weeks to build up in the body and have a more prominent effect.